Members will be entitled to vote, hold office, and to enjoy all rights and privileges of membership. Membership will be open to any individual or institution, or corporation, regardless of location, interested in the express purposes of this organization, and meeting any one or more of the following applicable requirements:


Each individual shall be eligible for membership provided they meet the professional and educational requirements set forth under one of the following categories listed below:

  1. Has an executive, managerial, professional or supervisory position, and is employed by a banking, brokerage, investment or other financial institution; or,

  2. Is employed on a regular basis in a position directly related to banking, investment or finance, excluding the teaching thereof; or,

  3. Is employed as a full time professor by an accredited college or university and whose primary areas of academic responsibility are banking, investment, finance or economics; or,

  4. Is an individual who has a business interest in the Hellenic world and who (i) is engaged in the banking or financial services industry; or (ii) is engaged in a business or profession that is reasonably related to or which has a sufficient involvement in or connection with the banking or financial services industry, such as insurance companies, investment banks and securities firms, investment companies and investment advisory firms, private equity and venture capital companies, or multilateral financial institutions; and,

  5. Has received a baccalaureate or higher degree from an accredited college or university


Institutional Members, being any entity, or organization having a business interest in the Hellenic Community that is interested in joining HABA should contact us at


Membership entitles you to various benefits including the following:

• Informative lectures, seminars and other events

• Reduced admission fees to most HABA events

• Opportunity to meet other professionals in the financial services field




Annual dues cover the calendar year ending December 31st. 

There are no discounts for partial-year payment. Renew on-time to receive all member benefits.

To pay your annual dues online click Count Me In!  You will receive an email confirmation.

To pay by mail, please send a check, payable to:

Hellenic American Bankers Association, Inc.
F.D.R Station - P.O. Box 7244
New York, NY 10150